Credit Unions

A Legacy of Quality Service

Credit unions are always ready to lend a helping hand to consumers in good times and bad. This is why Ross & Yerger made a commitment to credit unions over 25 years ago when we hired a former lender with an automobile and consumer products background to aid in your mission. Since that first hire, we have added several more team members, including a full-time point of sale Products Trainer and Client Development Manager.

Today, we represent the largest credit union industry products and service providers, allowing us to be the one-stop advisor for all your needs. Our experience and understanding of your mission statement frames a partnership that serves your core mission and allows you to grow profitability while mitigating risk.

Featured Benefit: Onsite Point of Sale Lender Training and Support

Ross & Yerger has a dedicated Client Development Manager and Sales Trainer who has closed over 20,000 automobile loans and has over 20 years of experience selling point of sale products. We focus on the consultative sales approach by training your lending staff to focus on member needs when offering protection products at loan closing. These training sessions are onsite, in person, because we know that face to face training offers the maximum benefit to your staff. Our goal is to assist and train your lenders on ways to help your members protect their loan and financial well-being, and to help you grow your credit union with increased fee income revenues.

Featured Product: Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR)

As part of your standard GAP offering, let Ross & Yerger share how to increase your GAP penetration with ADR. This provides your membership the opportunity to get up to two auto insurance deductibles reimbursed per year on covered autos owned or leased by the member.

Our Credit Unions Team