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Ross & Yerger exists to cultivate a future of hope, prosperity, and security.

Our shared commitment to excellence fosters an environment of achievement and inspires us to set a higher standard.


Ross & Yerger exists to cultivate a future of hope, prosperity, and security.

With a proactive mindset and uncompromising integrity, Ross & Yerger partners with you to minimize today's risks & protect tomorrow’s possibilities.


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Hear Ross & Yerger's Story

Listen to Ross & Yerger's CEO, Dudley Wooley, discuss the company's inspiring past and promising future in the 'Made in Mississippi' podcast.

S3E4 - Made in Mississippi
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"While it was awful to see, that experience shaped my passion for this career."

Read a unique prespective from Michael Addison and Bailey Menetre of Ross & Yerger's Construction Practice Group about their partnership and the firsthand experience following a client's total-loss disaster. Read the article in the April 2022 issue of Insurance Journal.



Since our founding in 1860, Ross & Yerger has served our clients, striving to make a difference in their lives. Initially led by four generations of the Yerger family, our firm has experienced record growth and excellence in service throughout the years.


But it hasn't always been smooth sailing. During our 160 years of business, the Ross & Yerger team has weathered challenges, economic setbacks, and a constantly shifting marketplace. But we've done so with a sense of optimism, selflessness, and resolve that James Ross and Edward Yerger instilled in the business on Day-One. 

For over 160 years, our team has seen – and written policies for - just about everything. 


In 2002, a group of Ross & Yerger employees purchased the company from the Yerger family. 


As an employee-owned agency, our teams have an unwavering commitment to meeting your needs first, not those of stockholders or investors.

Beginning in 2007, Ross & Yerger opened offices in Louisiana, with an office in Baton Rouge and, later, New Orleans. 

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We recognize our team members have a unique opportunity to play an essential role in your life by providing top-notch support. Because of your trust, we have tremendous expectations for our leadership team, our producers, and our team members. 


For us, success is knowing our clients believe we’re worthy of their trust, respect, and admiration. Our long-term relationships are the true measurement of our value.


When we get this right, we see a positive impact in retention rates and referrals, engagement with our colleagues, and positive contributions to our communities.


Search a complete list of our open career opportunities, each one ready to help you reach your full potential!

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