When it comes to protecting your business dream, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Ross & Yerger offers a wide array of bonds to contractors ranging from small to large firms performing public works projects and private construction projects.

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Surety Bond credit is critical to contractors' ability to bid, win and perform the work that provides the revenue that makes them profitable. 


As contractors, it's often difficult to understand the components that drive these factors and even more challenging to balance the often divergent bond needs and tax implications. 

Ross & Yerger offers deep experience, significant capacity, and an empowered team of underwriting experts. Our Bonds team allows businesses and governments to ensure that a principal’s bonds are in effect and up to the task - and we deliver when it matters most!




Bonds guarantee a principal's integrity and honesty, financial responsibility, and compliance with laws or contracts and are critical to a contractor's ability to bid, win, and perform projects that provide profitable revenue.


Single job capacity, aggregate program capacity, and rating structure are just a few of the components of a surety program that determine your ability to bid competitively and perform these jobs. 


Having two in-house surety underwriters in our Construction Practice group lets our construction clients understand what it takes to qualify for surety credit and how their business decisions drive capacity and rates. 


Construction companies partnering with Ross & Yerger's Construction Practice Group can expect a consultative approach to maximizing surety credit, risk management, and year-end planning to balance both tax and bond implications for contractors. 


For contractors looking for a more strategic approach to their surety program, Ross & Yerger uses a proprietary Surety Evaluation System to review your current surety program. In doing so, our team determines opportunities for expanding capacity, lowering rating structures, or other components that create a more beneficial arrangement.


In addition to the consultation provided to our construction clients, we also offer surety bonds to energy companies, fiduciary and court bonds for the clients of attorneys, and miscellaneous surety bonds for other businesses.

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What Our Clients Say

"When others call seeking our business, we share quickly that no one can match the service and attention we receive from Ross & Yerger – it's a relationship that we value and treasure."