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Navigating the Evolving Terrain of the Construction Surety Market: Ensuring Stability Amid Market Shifts

Updated: Feb 2

The construction industry operates within a dynamic landscape, where contractors confront a spectrum of challenges and opportunities. Recent market trends have ushered in a wave of changes, especially concerning backlogs, inflation, and contractors' financial health. While this trend may appear promising, it poses challenges for contractors, emphasizing the needs for synchronized financial growth.

Balancing Backlogs

Contractors are experiencing a surge in backlogs due to various factors- be it inflation driving up contract costs or an excess of projects available for bidding. However, the apparent benefit of larger backlogs can turn into a liability if a contractor's financial growth does not parallel the increased workload. Failure to manage this can lead to overextension, causing cash flow issues and labor shortages, significantly increasing the risk of business failure.

Understanding Surety Losses Amidst Change

Inflation, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and rising interest rates have added stress to contractors which has contributed to an uptick in surety losses, as per recent data from the SFAA (Surety & Fidelity Association of America). These losses underscore the challenges faced by contractors in a shifting landscape. In response, the surety industry is tightening its standards, creating a more stringent market environment for the first time in several years. As the surety market tightens, contractors need to rethink their risk management strategies.

The Path Forward

In this evolving landscape, contractors must adopt strategies that prioritize prudence and fiscal responsibility. Proactive steps are essential to mitigate risks and ensure sustainable growth:

Strategic Financial Management: Contractors must maintain a keen focus on their balance sheets, ensuring that growth aligns with their financial capabilities.

Risk Mitigation: Embracing technology, exploring alternative supply chains and diversifying project portfolios can help minimize exposure to market uncertainties.

Collaborative Partnerships: Building strong relationships with surety providers, demonstrating financial stability, and transparently communicating project plans are crucial to securing bonds in a stricter market.

Adaptability and Innovation: Embrace flexibility and innovation in approaches to project management, cost estimation, and resource utilization to navigate dynamic market conditions effectively.

Building Partnerships for Success

Navigating this changing landscape requires a proactive approach. Contractors who understand the pivotal role of surety bonds and actively manage their risks are better positioned to weather market uncertainties and sustain growth. Amid a changing market, partnering with an insurance agency versed in the nuances of the construction sector is crucial. Our team provides personalized guidance and proactive risk management strategies aligned with your business needs. Understanding contractors' unique challenges, we offer solutions to bolster financial stability, optimize project execution, and mitigate potential setbacks.


The construction industry presents both opportunities and challenges. Amidst these changes, ensuring financial stability and protecting against risks is paramount. At Ross & Yerger, our expertise lies in providing construction insurance solutions, including bonds, tailored to your business's requirements. We understand that, in many ways, bonding is the lifeblood of a contractor's business. We want to understand our contractor's goals and work proactively with them in order to make sure you don't ever miss out on a profitable opportunity by not being able to get the bond you need. Our aim is to empower contractors, offering peace of mind and the necessary tools to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of the construction market.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can safeguard your business amidst these evolving market dynamics.


Sam Spengler

Bond Manager


Jackson Office

Sam Spengler is the Bond Manager at Ross & Yerger. He joined Ross & Yerger in 2023, where he specializes in construction and surety. He has 6 years of experience in risk management and insurance with various companies. He was a contract bond underwriter for 5 years with one of the world's largest surety companies.




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