Values & Culture

Being 100% employee-owned, each team member at Ross & Yerger is directly invested in the success of our clients. To help achieve that success, you’ll find a culture that values cooperation and creative solutions. Wherever possible, our team comes from the industries being insured, so that knowledge gives us a deep well from which to draw when designing coverage.

WHY Ross & Yerger:

We exist to cultivate a future of hope, prosperity and security.

HOW we bring this to life:

  • R&Y is dedicated to your success through our commitment to understanding your business and industry needs.
  • R&Y stays a step ahead - anticipating your need to secure the optimal outcome.
  • R&Y is passionate in our pursuit of innovative ideas that will provide greater security and help mitigate risk.
  • R&Y is committed to using quality products and expert resources to provide excellent service.
  • R&Y promotes a culture of ownership where everyone has a vested interest in working together to achieve optimal results for our clients.

WHAT Ross & Yerger does:

For our Clients -

  • We deploy a proprietary sales process - Lighthouse - to help uncover common business risk management needs and to deliver proven solutions for these challenges - Ross & Yerger Resources.
  • We raise the bar on knowledge, experience and service in each of our practice areas for our clients.

For our Employees -

  • We share our profits and give ownership in Ross & Yerger to all our employees - ESOP Plan.
  • We have an active interest in our employees’ lives - Health & Wellness Programs - and ensure that they have time for their families and personal affairs - Summer Fridays.
  • We celebrate our state-wide and national recognition as a “Best Place to Work”.
  • We create and support a culture of training and continuing education so that our employees have the knowledge and confidence to provide the best solutions for our clients.

For our Community -

  • We empower our employees to evaluate the needs of the community so we can make financial and sweat equity contributions to support those needs - Charitable Contributions Committee.
  • We give our employees extra time and encouragement to volunteer with organizations in our communities - Stewpot, French Camp, JDRF, Habitat for Humanity,...

Our Ways to Wellness

We know that employee wellness is vital to providing excellent service for our clients. We’re proud to support one another by promoting a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being. In 2008, we began workplace wellness initiatives designed to motivate our peers to lead healthy lives. Our leadership team maintains these initiatives with support, on-site resources and valuable incentives.

  • Access to an on-site exercise room available to all employees.
  • 30-minutes of free exercise time twice weekly.
  • Quarterly stress management seminars for both personal and work-related stress.
  • Opportunities for a Personal Health and Wellness Profile and Health Screenings
  • On-site flu shots.
  • Physical activity tracking through personal fitness journals.