Dedicated Oil & Gas Team Designed to Improve your Risk Management Return on Investment

How Our Dedicated Team of Experts Can Help You Increase Your Risk Management ROI

In a recent newsletter, we talked about how oil and gas (O&G) service companies need to maximize every dollar of revenue they earn by ensuring an appropriate return on all investments. This includes your investment in O&G insurance.

About 12 cents of every dollar spent on O&G insurance premiums is commission. This 12 cents can also be viewed as your investment in risk management. So the question becomes: What kind of risk management return on investment (ROI) are you generating?

A Question Worth Considering

Few O&G service companies have ever thought about this. Worse yet, neither have most providers of O&G insurance. But at Ross & Yerger, we believe that generating a high, quantifiable risk management ROI is the most important service we can provide to our clients.

We do this by providing at no additional cost, a wealth of resources and added value. One of these resources is the expertise of a dedicated team of oilfield risk management specialists.

As a client of Ross & Yerger’s Oil & Gas Services Division, you will work with a dedicated team of eight O&G professionals. They are experts at driving down O&G risk and the costs associated with this risk. Team members’ functions include:

  • Overall stewardship of the account
  • Day-to-day servicing of COIs
  • Contractual risk management analysis
  • Safety and training assistance
  • Claims management

A Stark Contrast

Compare this to most other O&G insurance providers, which provide their clients with an insurance agent and a customer service rep. These employees may or may not specialize in the O&G industry.

In fact, this is one of the greatest frustrations faced by many O&G service companies. It’s not uncommon for them to call their insurance agent with a question, problem or concern that the agent can’t help them with. Oil and gas is a very specialized industry — if an insurer isn’t dedicated to O&G on a full-time basis, it won’t be equipped to provide the highest level of service to its clients.

Our experienced team of O&G specialists is 100% dedicated to oil and gas services — it’s all they do. This enables us to bring a tremendous amount of added value to the relationships with our O&G clients, thus reducing insurance costs and increasing risk management ROI.

To learn more about risk management ROI and how your O&G service company can benefit from this unique approach to risk management, please contact Jacob Haralson today!