Oil & Gas Services

Oil & Gas Services

Unparalleled Coverage for Oil & Gas Service Contractors

Oil & gas service companies, including pipeline contractors and manufacturers, face a broad range of heavy risk, such as state and federal compliance responsibilities, safety and OSHA compliance mandates, oil & gas company pressures, and expensive insurance pricing.

For over 20 years, Ross & Yerger’s Oil & Gas Services Division has partnered with service contractors and manufacturers from across the nation to minimize the primary contributors to risk and cost, allowing our clients to maximize profitability and achieve their goals.

Ross & Yerger challenges you to expect more from your insurance agency partner. As a next step, we invite you to allow us to conduct a thorough risk analysis of your business.

We will:

  • Analyze the various sources of risk within your business
  • Compile a report of our findings
  • Share those results and corresponding recommendations with you

Backed by a Wealth of Resources

For an oil & gas service company, “outsourcing” risk management is an absolute necessity. Ross & Yerger specializes in aggressively managing the factors that determine risk for these companies. In addition to our core insurance services, we also provide many value-added services at no cost to our clients, including:

  • Master Service Agreement (MSA) Indemnity Language, Insurance Review and Negotiation Services
  • Web-Based Compliance Management Assistance (PEC Premier® and ISNetworld® as examples)
  • Safety & OSHA Program Development
  • Safety & OSHA Training Systems
  • Complex Claims Mitigation and Negotiation
  • Experience Modification Factor (EMR) Management and Reduction Services
  • Insurance & Risk Management Due Diligence Services (for clients acquiring businesses)

When clients choose Ross & Yerger, they can rely on our years of expertise and success and lean on the resources that prepare service contractors to tackle any risk.

Complete Market Access

Oil & gas service companies face a wide array of specialty insurance coverage requirements. Not all insurance companies are capable of providing these required coverages, and others lack the financial ratings Oil & Gas Companies require.

Ross & Yerger has aligned with virtually every “A” rated insurance company willing and able to write coverage for field exposure and the indemnity language exposure of Master Service Agreements. Therefore, our clients have access to 100% of the Oilfield Insurance Marketplace.

Our Oil & Gas Services Team