Employee Spotlight: Kelsey Purvis

At Ross & Yerger, we believe our employees are a vital part of our company’s continued success and advancement. Get to know our Marketing Specialist in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

I started fresh out of college as an Account Representative on both the new business/marketing and small commercial teams. In 2016, Ross & Yerger created a position for me on the new business/marketing team as a Commercial Lines Marketing Specialist. I work with new business prospects and I am responsible for placement of coverage and a seamless transition to R&Y. Once coverage has been bound and policies checked, the account is moved to its permanent home in one of our commercial lines practice groups where the renewals will be handled each year.

Where did you grow up? Rankin.

What are three words that describe you best? Shy, introvert, recluse. Totally kidding!

What motto do you live by? Know the Possibilities.

What do you like to do outside of work? Travel- favorite place: Singapore.

What is your favorite TV show/movie? Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Office, Friends, This Is Us, Friends, Game of Thrones.

What is your favorite sports team? College: MSU Professional: Dallas Cowboys #dak4ever #HailState

What is your favorite food? Anything Debbie (mi madre) cooks.

What or who is your favorite band/singer/song? I have been known to frequent the dance floor of any live music/band at weddings. Although, I do love a good Avett Brothers sing-along every now and then.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves? Chipped fingernail polish.

What has been your best memory while working at R&Y? Amy Smith calling me into her office to explain that we had to have a meeting RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT in the conference room about a situation concerning a new business client. I followed her to the conference room (low key freaking out) to realize it was a surprise party with cake to celebrate earning my CPCU designation. I actually already knew about the “surprise” but after the show Amy put on, I was 100% surprised.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know about you. Though I love international traveling, my goal is to visit all 50 states by the age of 50.

What is your proudest accomplishment? Not calling an Uber during the St. Jude Half Marathon (the only time I’d ever be proud of doing half of something).

Thanks for being such a great part of the R&Y family, Kelsey!

Leighton Hill

Media & Marketing Coordinator