Oil & Gas Service Contractors: Gain Market Share with PEC Training at No Cost

With less work around today, contractors have to do more than ever to elevate their company on the preferred vendor list to capture a shrinking pool of jobs. Contractor clients of Ross & Yerger are able to rise to the top of bid lists by taking advantage of our in house PEC SafelandUSA and SafeGulf training services for all their employees.
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Dedicated Oil & Gas Team Designed to Improve your Risk Management Return on Investment

In a recent newsletter, we talked about how oil and gas (O&G) service companies need to maximize every dollar of revenue they earn by ensuring an appropriate return on all investments. This includes your investment in O&G insurance. About 12 cents of every dollar spent on O&G insurance premiums is commission. This 12 cents can also be viewed as your investment in risk management. So the question becomes: What kind of risk management return on investment (ROI) are you generating?
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Construction Contracts Legal Seminar Recap - September 28, 2016

On September 28, 2016, Ross & Yerger Insurance, Inc. hosted a seminar to discuss the implications of this law featuring Michael Thompson and Judson Sanders, attorneys at the law firm Taylor, Wellons, Politz & Duhe.
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Do You Know Your Risk Management ROI?

In today’s challenging oilfield environment, Oil & Gas service companies need to maximize every dollar of revenue in order to protect profits and remain viable. This means ensuring that every investment dollar is generating an appropriate, quantifiable return — from oilfield equipment to research and development to employees out in the field and in the office.
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